Is intercultural marriage more complicated?

People would usually think, "intercultural marriage is definitely more challenging than the usual type". Now, if we come to think of it, intercultural marriage or intracultural marriage or royal marriage or 'normal' marriage is basically a marriage, isn't it? They would still have the 'normal' problems like other marriage couples have, such as economy stability, understanding, and even the traditional in-laws matters! (Well, they said when you marry your partner, you're also married to the family. Do you think so?)
Nevertheless, it consists of two people with different backgrounds, in some very contrary from each other, but they decided to cope with each other when they tied the knots. So the issues they, some not all, have to deal with is surely much more complicated.

Let's see... Firstly, the factor that stands out the most would be different backgrounds that the spouses have. This is because it reflects the social behaviour that his/her partner has. At first, the couple would try their best to try to learn to give and take as much as they can, but when the honeymoon years are over, things would go otherwise. Some problems would arise regarding each other's traditions or beliefs. However, I do believe that there are many examples of successful intercultural marriages examples to look up to. They will have to face the music and overcome it. Didn't they say, love conquers all? ;)
So much to say, so little time. We'll continue the talk on this, alright. Till next time.


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